We arrange a wide range of excursions for your pleasure & fun.
Visit a Sandbank
Enjoy the beautiful white shores on a sunny day, and take a swim on the lush coral reefs teeming with wild life,
Resort Trip
Go on a journey to one of the resorts to enjoy the luxurious amenities of Maldives. The trip includes lunch with both soft drinks and alchoholic drinks.
Witness the Ocean Life
Watch the wild life in Maldives up close. From shark bay tours, snorkeling in different locations to view the variety of sea creatures in Maldives, we have got you covered.
Ride the Waves
Try some of our watersports, like surfing, wake-boarding, wind surfing, and a lot more.
Or go under them
We offer diving trips to nearby popular diving spots. Be it scuba diving or snorkeling, you can enjoy viewing the ocean how you want to.
Enjoy Maldivian Culture
See and feel the Maldivian culture, right next to you! You can enjoy traditional Maldivian cultural events, like Boduberu.
Indulge in the Local Festivals
Festivals are major celebrations where everyone partakes in it. If you have a trip planned during a festival, you can enjoy it with the locals.
Catch Some Fish
From nightfishing, to fishing trips, we offer you a great deal of activities for the sea lovers out there.
If you love to eat fresh fish, you are in luck! You can directly BBQ the fish you catch and eat some of the most fresh fish that you can possibly get.